About Us

Shalom seeks to help people follow Jesus and:

Serve as Christ served us
Unite as disciples
Reach the unbelieving world
Grow in the Word and prayer
Exalt God with our lives

...for Him everywhere.

Whether you’re curious about Christianity, a new believer, or someone who’s followed Jesus for some time, we welcome you to join us to SURGE together.

Help the new


As part of our intentional disciple-making process, Shalom seeks to help newcomers understand the good news of Jesus Christ and make a decision to follow Him.

This is achieved through personal evangelism and various classes such as our Seekers Class, Baptism Class, Habits Class and Membership class.

After deciding to follow Jesus, Shalom seeks to help our members live out Jesus’ commands by demonstrating Christlikeness through the S.U.R.G.E principles. Every member is encouraged to:

erve – in a church ministry
U nite – in Discipleship Groups (DG), 3-2-1 groups, and fellowship groups
R each out – in active evangelism
G row – in a DG
E xalt God – in Sunday services, prayer meetings, and in all of life

Help the congregation


Help all


In Shalom we believe that our call to follow Jesus is fundamentally a call to make disciples.

We actively equip new leaders to embrace a lifestyle of disciple making and provide ongoing leadership training to equip our serving leaders.

Our Beliefs

At Shalom, we believe that:


Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God, was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit, and born of the Virgin Mary, yet without sin. He is true God and true man. He died to pay the price for our sins, was buried, and rose bodily from the dead. He will return again to judge the world at the last day.


Humans were created in the image of God, but sinned through the fall of Adam. All humans are born with a sinful nature and are liable for eternal punishment.


The Bible is the Word of God, inerrant and infallible, and it is the supreme and final authority in faith and life.


The one true God exists in three co-equal Persons – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


Salvation is by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone.

Our Leaders

Church Session (2022-2025)

Senior Pastor Rev Benjamin Tsao
Elder Goh Kah Kheng
Elder Patrick Kang
Elder Aric Loh
Deacon Peter Chew
Deacon Adrian Tsao
Deacon Aaron Yeo
Deaconness Juline Zhang

Our Workers

Church Staff​

Senior Pastor Rev Benjamin Tsao
Elder Patrick Kang
Bro Low Jun Yew
Sis Gabby Agustina